Terry Lawrie

Short Sunderland 'Flying Boat'

This is a superb quality Art Deco casting of a Short Sunderland 'Flying Boat' - flying around the Globe!
This beautiful 'Olde World' piece was made to celebrate the romance and adventure of the 1st Around the World air travel for passengers from London To Australia in the 1940's to 1960's, taking some two weeks to reach their destination!
The casting of both the Globe & Flying Boat is in polished Aluminium NOT cheap 'plated' material!! And is mounted on a cast aluminium stand affixed to a Rosewood base.
The underneath of the base is covered with thick 'felt' to protect table top surfaces!
The Globe is 300mm (12") Diameter, the Rosewood Base is 220mm Diameter, The Flying Boats' wingspan is 460mm (18") and Fuselage is 330mm (13"). The whole piece stands a 'HUGE' 700mm (28') tall!!
All our items are Retro & Rare!

Weight: 6.6kg approx.

Price: $450.00 AUD

Terry Lawrie