Terry Lawrie

'Golden Arrow'

The Golden Arrow was built for Major Henry Segrave. It was one of the first 'streamlined' land speed racers, with a pointed nose and tight cowling. Power was provided by a 23.9 litre Napier aeroengine, originally intended for the Schneider Trophy airplanes producing 925 hp @ 3300 rpm.

In March 1929, Segrave went to Daytona, and after a sole practice run, on 11 March, in front of 120,000 spectators set a new flying mile at 231.45 mph

This superb example of the Golden Arrow is cast from high grade Aluminium.

It is then highly polished and treated to prevent tarnishing and keep its beautiful lustre!

It is approximately 380mm (15") long and 120mm (5") wide and would be a superb addition for any serious collector.

Price: $285.00 AUD

Terry Lawrie