Terry Lawrie

Bernard H.V.40

The Bernard HV40 was a racing seaplane designed by the Société des Avions Bernard for the French government to compete in the Schneider Trophy.

The H.V.40 was powered by a Gnome-Rhone Mistral radial engine designed to produce 1,000 hp The H.V.40 flew well but had poor high-speed performance, achieving only 261 mph!

This beautiful 'low winged' monoplane model is cast from high grade Aluminium, highly polished to a smooth finish, then treated to prevent tarnishing!

Its wingspan is approx. 320mm (13") and fuselage 280mm (11") long.

Displayed on its 'floats', it stands approx. 180mm (7") high.

Price: $250.00 AUD