Terry Lawrie

Art Deco 'Saturn Lamp'

This superb Art Deco Lamp is a reproduction of a very rare Saturn Lamp first seen in Paris in the early 1940's!

This Quality Reproduction is an absolute Classic Piece and will be a true 'functional feature' in any Home, Office or Boardroom!

When the lamp is on - the effect is as if the Planet Saturn is floating in Space!!

The Round Lamp Base, Crescent Stand and Shade-holder have been nickel-plated as was done in the 1940's (NOT Chrome-plated!)

The Round Lamp Base is covered with thick felt to prevent scratching of polished surfaces.

The White Base Plate is 'faux ivory' NOT real Ivory!!! ... and the On/Off Switch fitted is a matching ivory.

The 'woven' cord is new but faithful to the period of the 1940's!

The Saturn 'Rings' have been professionally 'hand-etched' and can be tilted at any angle for realism!

The Light 'Shade' measures 205mm (8") Diameter

The Saturn 'Rings' measure 405mm (16") Diameter

The Saturn Lamp comes with a 40 watt eco globe

The Length of the Cord is 2mtrs (6'6")

The whole Lamp stands at an impressive – 520mm (20")

Price: $395.00 AUD

Terry Lawrie

NEW Art Deco 'Saturn Lamp' in Colour!

Fitted with a new 'programmable' LED globe that changes colours & intensity or can be 'locked' on plain white!

Price: $395.00 AUD